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Terms of Service for Plang's

  1. Introduction

    This Terms of Service ("ToS") agreement is between you ("User") and PLang ehf. ("Company"). By purchasing or using a voucher for our LLM service, you agree to be bound by these terms.
  2. Service Purpose

    The voucher allows the User to access Plang's LLM service for generating code completion. The voucher amount represents pre-paid access to this service.
  3. Voucher Validity

    The voucher does not have an expiration date and remains valid as long as the Company operates and the service remains available.
  4. Refunds

    Users may request a refund at any time for the unused portion of their voucher. Upon refund, the voucher's associated service access will be terminated.
  5. Purchase and Usage Limits

    Users can purchase vouchers of any amount at any time. The usage of the voucher will be deducted based on the consumption of the LLM service.

    If request is cancelled/terminated/fails before recieving an answer from the LLM service, the cost of the LLM is deducted from the voucher, as the LLM service starts to run as soon a request is made and continues to run until complete.
  6. Transferability

    Vouchers are non-transferable. Users seeking to transfer must first request a refund and then repurchase a new voucher.
  7. Data & Privacy

    The Only data stored is usage data to be able to calculate voucher amount and show usage to user. No identifiable data about the User is stored. No content is stored that is executed at build time or runtime. Since Plang service uses OpenAI, OpenAI might store and use your data. See OpenAI policies.
    PLang uses Rapyd as it's payment gateway. Rapyd will store name, location and card information. Rapyd policies
  8. Limitation of Liability

    The LLM service is provided "as is" without any guarantees. The Company cannot be held liable for any issues or damages arising from the use of the service, voucher or the plang programming language. Users cannot sue the Company for any reason related to the service, voucher or the plang programming language.
  9. Termination

    Users can terminate their agreement with the Company at any time by requesting a refund.
  10. Dispute Resolution

    The Company will handle disputes on a case-by-case basis, striving to resolve any issues in favor of the User.
  11. Jurisdiction

    These terms and any disputes arising under them will be governed by the laws of Iceland.
  12. Amendments

    The Company may amend these ToS at its discretion.